Craft beer posts and microbrewery introductions

In this blog we publish articles about artisan beer and microbreweries around the world. During our travels we are always eager to learn about the local craft beer culture, to visit microbreweries, tap rooms and craft beer festivals, and to discuss with brewmasters. In the blog we share info about craft beer (we are learning new things about craft beer ourselves all the time) and introduce small breweries from around the world.

Welcome to follow the journey, cheers!

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Tbilisi is the craft beer hub of Georgia, with several microbreweries and craft beer pubs. Number 8 Craft Brewery was one of the first microbreweries in Georgia, and produces wide range of craft brews. We visited Number 8 Craft Beer Club during our travels in Caucasian countries in autumn 2018.

Craft beer is getting more popular in Caucasus, and there already are some great microbreweries. In this post we introduce Dargett Brew Pub in Yerevan, Armenia. We visited Dargett during our travels in Caucasian countries in autumn 2018.

Bilbao in Basque Country is a lively city and home to Basquery Brewery. We visited this great little brewpub during European road trip in summer 2019.

When traveling around Caucasus in 2018, we were also on the hunt for local craft beer. Craft beer revolution is slowly reaching Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, but the amount of microbreweries is still very limited.

When house sitting in Alsace in 2019, we found some quality craft brews from this area that is famous for its wines. Brasserie Sainte Cru is a microbrewery in beautiful Colmar, brewing bold beers with passion.

When traveling in Guatemala late 2019, we were happy to find quality craft beer in Antigua. In this post we introduce Antigua Cerveza and Antigua Brewing Company.

Minsk is the craft beer capital of Belarus. We visited some nice craft beer oriented pubs in Minsk in late 2018, and found some great local brews.

Craft beer boom hasn't fully reached Honduras yet, but there are some "old" microbreweries, and more coming. We visited two nice artisan breweries when exploring Honduras in late 2019.

Cerveceria Dos Aves makes excellent craft beers in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.