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  • Craft beer in Malaga: Bonvivant Beer
    Craft beer in Malaga: Bonvivant Beer

    Craft beer in Malaga: Bonvivant Beer Sunny Malaga on the Andalusian coast, southern Spain, is a city full of history and culture, and nowadays also…

Latest craft beer reviews

  • Tra Tra
    Tra Tra

    Smooth and tropical, but also quite bitter hazy IPA by San Frutos from Segovia. Collaboration with Cierzo Brewing Co.

  • Satanas Jr.
    Satanas Jr.

    Hoppy and juicy fruit-bomb, a TIPA by La Quince Brewing nomad brewery. Enjoyed in their Brew Wild Pizza Bar restaurant in Madrid.

  • The Madrileño: Chapter 3
    The Madrileño: Chapter 3

    A dangerously enjoyable, juicy double IPA by Oso Brew Co nomad brewery. Tasted when visiting their tap room La Osita in Madrid.

  • Weissbier

    A refreshing wheat beer by Fábrica Maravillas, a microbrewery that brews in Malasaña, central Madrid

  • Siete Estrellas
    Siete Estrellas

    This IPA is a unique joint effort of 27 artisan breweries in Madrid area, created to unify the craft beer sector and to support the hospitality industry.

  • Hoppy

    Light and fresh IPA by Bonvivant Beer. First enjoyed from tap when visiting the brewery in Malaga, and later from bottle.

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