Craft beer posts and microbrewery introductions

In this blog we publish articles about artisan beer and microbreweries around the world. During our travels we are always eager to learn about the local craft beer culture, to visit microbreweries, tap rooms and craft beer festivals, and to discuss with brewmasters. In the blog we share info about craft beer (we are learning new things about craft beer ourselves all the time) and introduce small breweries from around the world.

Welcome to follow the journey, cheers!

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Madrid, the busy capital of Spain, is always great for a city holiday, and also has a lot to offer for craft beer enthusiasts. We visited local microbreweries and taprooms in May 2021.

Craft beer in Malaga: Bonvivant Beer Sunny Malaga on the Andalusian coast, southern Spain, is a city full of history and culture, and nowadays also a great destination for craft beer enthusiasts! In the previous post we introduced Torremolinos-based nomad brewery Attik Brewing, and now it’s time for a visit …

Craft beer in Malaga: Attik Brewing Spain is definitely a wine country, but has also quite long traditions with brewing. The most popular beers are, like everywhere, cheap bulk lagers, but craft beer culture is bubbling under and growing. During the past decade, a lot of new micro breweries have …

3 + 1 great craft breweries in NYC, New York There are several iconic craft beer cities in the US, and New York City definitely is one of them. With dozens of breweries and countless of craft beer oriented pubs, the range of craft brews and venues in NYC is …

During our short visit to Phoenix, Arizona in February 2020, one of our goals was to visit some local breweries and to interview the owners or brewers. In this post we introduce O.H.S.O. and especially their nanobrewery in Arcadia.

Phoenix, Arizona, is home to a bunch of award-winning breweries producing quality craft beer. When we stayed in the city for a few days in Feb 2020, we visited Helton Brewing, an artisan brewery that brews for the love of the craft.

In 2020 a huge amount of beer festivals were cancelled around the world. In times of digitalization, can also beer festival be organized online? We participated in Untappd Virtual Festival to find out.

Tbilisi is the craft beer hub of Georgia, with several microbreweries and craft beer pubs. Number 8 Craft Brewery was one of the first microbreweries in Georgia, and produces wide range of craft brews. We visited Number 8 Craft Beer Club during our travels in Caucasian countries in autumn 2018.

Craft beer is getting more popular in Caucasus, and there already are some great microbreweries. In this post we introduce Dargett Brew Pub in Yerevan, Armenia. We visited Dargett during our travels in Caucasian countries in autumn 2018.