Craft beer posts and microbrewery introductions

In this blog we publish articles about artisan beer and microbreweries around the world. During our travels we are always eager to learn about the local craft beer culture, to visit microbreweries, tap rooms and craft beer festivals, and to discuss with brewmasters. In the blog we share info about craft beer (we are learning new things about craft beer ourselves all the time) and introduce small breweries from around the world.

Welcome to follow the journey, cheers!

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Finnish Lapland is home to two artisan breweries that cherish the wild nature of the north in their products. In this post we introduce Tornion Panimo brewery and Lapland Brewery.

In this second post about craft beer city Espoo in Finland, we introduce three interesting, unique breweries; Olarin Panimo brewery, Fat Lizard and Salama Brewing.

Espoo is one of the craft beer cities in Finland, with several great microbreweries. In this post we introduce three small breweries located in Keran Hallit, a centre for experiences and events.

It's time to take a look at craft beer scene in our homeland, Finland. In this first post we talk about the history of beer in Finland, and about the beer culture there in general.

Alsace area in north-eastern France is a well-known wine area, but also home to several artisan breweries. In this post we introduce two small breweries close to Colmar - Brasserie Bour'R and Brasserie TAAL.

The Basque Country in Spain is known for beautiful nature, unique culture and amazing gastronomy. The craft beer culture is strong too - in this post we introduce Basqueland Brewing, Drunken Bros and other interesting breweries.

Cantabria in northern Spain is a great destination for nature-lovers, but also for craft beer enthusiasts. In this post we introduce Lierganes-based DouGall’s brewery, as well as a few other interesting microbreweries in Cantabria region.

After exploring the craft beer scene of Madrid in May 2021, we continued our journey to stunning Segovia. In this post we introduce Segovia-based SanFrutos brewery.

Madrid, the busy capital of Spain, is always great for a city holiday, and also has a lot to offer for craft beer enthusiasts. We visited local microbreweries and taprooms in May 2021.